Google Glass: Wearable Real-time Computing of the Future

Live Demo Impresses Google I/O Crowd 
Brin then served as emcee for a live demonstration, in which two skydivers wearing Google Glasses hovered 1,500 feet above the Moscone West building in an old-fashioned (but increasingly popular for Bay Area air cruises) airship before jumping out and landing safely on the roof.
Every second of their brief downward journey at 120 mph was webcast live and recorded in Google's cloud storage system; fortunately, it was a blue-sky day in San Francisco, and the view from up above was spectacular.
After they landed without injury, the skydivers -- with their Glasses still running -- handed off a package to two Glass-equipped stunt bikers, who did a couple of tricks before handing off to a pair of Glass-equipped climbers, who subsequently repelled down a glass-window side of the building. Eventually, the whole team jogged into the auditorium to the loud cheers of the crowd and handed Brin the package.
What was actually in the package? No one cared. 
It was a stunt those guys -- and the crowd, as well as a live webcast audience -- probably will never forget.

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