Australian Parliament summons Apple, Microsoft, Adobe to justify higher prices

By Sharif Sakr posted Feb 11th, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Had we been wild and spontaneous enough to buy a MacBook Air in Australia in 2011, we'd have been looking at a 15 percent premium over the US price. According to MacRumors, throwing some Adobe software into our antipodean shopping cart would have pushed that disparity even higher -- to as much as to 75 percent. Which is why the Australian Parliament has been investigating the way tech giants price their goods in that country, and why it has now formally summoned Apple, Microsoft and Adobe to come over and account for themselves in Canberra on March 22nd. Whether price differences are due to higher costs of taxes and warranties, as Apple has privately suggested in the past (see More Coverage), or whether there are more dubious reasons, this pile of laundry is about to get aired.

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